Tagliatelle with Padua meat ragú (turkey & chicken)8,00
Bigoli fresch with duck ragú8,00
Spaghetti with amatriciana sauce (bacon and pomato sauce)8,00
Spaghetti with cheese, eggs and bacon sauce8,00
Pappardelle pasta with deer/rabbit sauce10,00
Risotto of the day10,00
Linguine with busera sauce (stewed prawns and fresch pomato)13,00
Black bigoli in anchovy sauce€ 8,00
Black Bigoli with Italian salted codfish9,00
Risotto of the day (min. two people) €15,00
Spaghetti with clams€12,00
Fischerman’s Tagliolini/Linguine (anglerfisch, clams, shrimp)15,00
Linguine pasta with lobster (min. two people) just for reservationS.Q.M